Nonprofit Executive Search

How to get a job via a nonprofit executive search company

There are companies all over the Internet that specialize in finding executives to fill job vacancies at various nonprofits around the country. These nonprofit executive search companies are wonderful places to get a great job if you are one of the executives currently looking for one.


Here are a few things you need to know, however, to make sure you do get the job you really want.


Sign up with a few nonprofit executive search companies -- The big mistake many executives make is signing up with just one nonprofit executive search company and then expecting them to find you a job.


Sign up with at least three nonprofit executive search companies around the country, as each one represents different nonprofits and so has different jobs they are trying to fill.


Get an account executive interested in you -- Once you have signed up with several nonprofit executive search companies, it is now time to contact each one so you can get an account executive interested in you and your qualifications.


If the company is in your area, make an appointment to meet with an account executive. If they are not, make arrangements for a short interview on Skype.


This is because companies will often place people they have actually met or know more about faster than those they only know of via resume or telephone call.


Keep pushing -- Being aggressive can often get you noticed by a nonprofit executive search company when sitting in the background and waiting for them to contact you will not.


Be polite, of course, and do not be too aggressive. Instead be assertive by contacting your account executive at least twice a week so that your name and face is always in their minds as new jobs become available.