Nonprofit Executive Search

Nonprofit executive search

Nonprofit organizations struggle to find employees just as any other business does. In many positions, particularly at the executive level, it becomes even more challenging to find competent employees as there is a greater challenge to obtain talent, without the ability to pay employees as much as they might otherwise be paid. Here are some ways that nonprofit organizations search for executives and some considerations that they make.


Executive Search Organizations

Executive search firms can provide recommendations for individuals who are looking for executive roles for a nonprofit. The quality of the individuals recommended may be varied and an organization should do their due diligence when performing a search for an executive through these including many rounds of interviews and due diligence.


Recommendations from Within

Many nonprofit organizations have extensive contacts with wealthy individuals including donors and board of director members who know executives who are looking for positions in many ways. These contacts can provide solid recommendations for individuals who may be looking for an nonprofit executive role. This may be particularly true of executives who have retired from the private sector and are now looking to give back to the public through services as an executive for a nonprofit at an salary perhaps significantly below their market value.


What to Look for in an Nonprofit Executive

An nonprofit should look for an executive who is skilled, experienced, and who is passionate about the mission that the nonprofit is supporting. While they may not be initially familiar with the organization, asking their interests, what charities and nonprofits they have contributed to or worked for in the past, and what they see as major world challenges can be a good way of honing in on their passion. Nonprofit organizations should be selective of any executive before they commit to hiring one. You may click this nonprofit executive search for more details.