Nonprofit Executive Search

Whether you are looking for a new job as a nonprofit Executive Director, Special Events Director, Program Manager or Volunteer Supervisor, getting online for your nonprofit executive search will net you the best results.

When you do, there are two specific things you should immediately look for that will help you get a nonprofit executive job much faster.

Sign up with a nonprofit job board -- There are a number of non profit job boards online that can help you find jobs at a much faster rate than if you do the job search yourself.

These job boards have listing for nonprofit executive jobs both all over America and internationally as well.

All you have to do to find your dream job through them is to register with several online boards, upload your resume and a photograph and then contact the employers that have nonprofit executive positions to fill.

In most cases, you should be able to get several interviews through these job boards in just a couple of days.

Sign up with online recruiters -- Along with job boards, there are also online recruiters that specialize in finding jobs for people in the non-profit world.

These recruiters will often have listings of nonprofit executive jobs that nobody else does. They can also get you interviews faster than if you contact the nonprofits yourself.

When signing up with recruiters, make sure you sign up with more than one as each recruiter will usually have different nonprofit jobs on their books. Jobs that may be perfectly suited to your skills and experience.

Check nonprofit job boards and recruiters every day -- Once you have registered with both job boards and recruiters, however, do not just wait for them to contact you.

Instead, check the boards every day for new job listings and contact recruiters to find out if they have any new jobs on their books that may suit your expertise.

If you run a nonprofit organization, or are at least in charge of hiring for one, you will know how difficult it can be to find a well-qualified, highly experienced employee for many of the vacancies you have to fill.

If you are currently looking for an executive for your nonprofit, before you start scrambling to find anyone that fits the criteria, why not head to a nonprofit executive search site instead. Such a site can not only help you find a well-qualified new executive, but can often do it for very little money.

What can a nonprofit executive search site do for you? -- There are several online sites that specialize in nonprofit executive searches.

What that means is they help you find the right executive for vacancies that you currently have.

This is done one of two ways. Either by you uploading an ad for your vacant position, and then interviewing executives that find it on the site, or by the site themselves sending you resumes of executives who are qualified.

What to look for when checking out nonprofit executive search sites -- Before you sign up to use one of these sites, there are certain things you should look for.

First, how much does a site typically charge for you to list a job ad? Anything under $150 per ad is reasonable. Anything above that is too expensive unless, of course, they can guarantee tens of thousands of people are going to see it.

Secondly, does the site work with you to tailor their services to exactly what you need when it comes to doing an executive search?

If they do, this is likely to be a site run by people who understand how the nonprofit world works, and may be a very good resource for you.

Are you a nonprofit executive that is looking for a good job? Have you used all the resources you normally have at hand but to no avail?

If so, there is a way to do the right nonprofit executive search that will help you find a great job in no time at all. That way involves using Internet resources to help you look.

Internet job boards -- There are some excellent Internet job boards that have been set up for those looking for nonprofit executive jobs.

These job boards have listings from nonprofits all over the country and include both lower level jobs and nonprofit executive positions.

Sign up for several of these job boards and upload your resume. Once you do you will be able to apply for jobs direct from the job board. Employers will also be able to read your resume and then contact you if they feel you may be a good fit for an open position.

A good nonprofit executive search should include you signing up with a wide variety of job boards, as these are often where the best local, national and international jobs can be found.

Nonprofit management centers -- Many American cities have nonprofit management centers.

These are places that train nonprofit workers by holding seminars and workshops. They also have listings for job openings that are sometimes some of the best places to look.

Check to see if there is a nonprofit management center in your area and, if so, check their website to see if they have job listings.

Word of mouth -- Remember too, some of the best nonprofit executive searches include finding out about jobs via word of mouth.

Ask everyone you know in the nonprofit world if they have heard of job openings and ask to be recommended to the right person if they have.

It is possible to get a very good non-profit job by simply using the Internet in your job search. So much so that more and more people are now getting away from the typical way of job hunting and getting online to do so instead.


How to find good non-profit jobs on the Internet -- There are several ways to find good jobs online. All of them take a little bit of time spent looking at different websites but, when you consider it will be easier for you to access the good non-profit jobs, it is well worth the time spent.


Online job boards for non-profit jobs -- The first place to start is at one of the non-profit job boards.


These job boards are set up only for jobs in the non-profit world and usually have job listings from all over the corner, and sometimes even across the world.


Check out some of the top non-profit jobs job boards, and then register with each one and upload your resume and a recent photograph.


This will then allow you to apply for any job you may be interested in right from the job board itself.


Online non-profit job headhunters -- There are also online agencies set up specifically for employees in the non-profit industry.


These headhunters work for agencies that have excellent contacts within the non-profit industry, so they will often hear of jobs long before any of them are listed in public job databases.


Sign up with two or three non-profit job headhunters, be very specific about the types of jobs you are looking for and interview for any job that seems to fit your qualifications and experience.


You should be able to find good non-profit jobs in no time at all just using these two methods.

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How to get a job via a nonprofit executive search company

There are companies all over the Internet that specialize in finding executives to fill job vacancies at various nonprofits around the country. These nonprofit executive search companies are wonderful places to get a great job if you are one of the executives currently looking for one.


Here are a few things you need to know, however, to make sure you do get the job you really want.


Sign up with a few nonprofit executive search companies -- The big mistake many executives make is signing up with just one nonprofit executive search company and then expecting them to find you a job.


Sign up with at least three nonprofit executive search companies around the country, as each one represents different nonprofits and so has different jobs they are trying to fill.


Get an account executive interested in you -- Once you have signed up with several nonprofit executive search companies, it is now time to contact each one so you can get an account executive interested in you and your qualifications.


If the company is in your area, make an appointment to meet with an account executive. If they are not, make arrangements for a short interview on Skype.


This is because companies will often place people they have actually met or know more about faster than those they only know of via resume or telephone call.


Keep pushing -- Being aggressive can often get you noticed by a nonprofit executive search company when sitting in the background and waiting for them to contact you will not.


Be polite, of course, and do not be too aggressive. Instead be assertive by contacting your account executive at least twice a week so that your name and face is always in their minds as new jobs become available.