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A non profit is an organization that is not for profit, it is a charitable organization that is dedicated to promoting a particular cause or an organization that advocates for a particular view. A non profit uses it's excess money to move it's cause. Unlike a business organization that shares it's excess to it's shareholders and members. 

Non profit organizations are usually tax exempt, meaning that they do not pay taxes, this makes it mandatory for non profit organizations to have honesty and accountability as an obligation. They must be able to account to their donors and stakeholders, about what they did with the the money.


A non profit executive is, someone who is at the top of the ladder in the management of the non Profit. He is very similar to a Chief Executive Officer a normal business organization. The non profit executive performs several key functions. 


He acts as a link between the board and the rest of the organization. He meets with the board to intimate them about the day to day operations of the organization and then the board uses him to communicate with the staff.. 

The non profit executive, oversees the head of each of the different departments, acting on a supervisory role to the department leaders.

He acts as a Public Relations officer. He is responsible for maintaining the reputation of the corporation. He protects the image of the Jon profit so he just be morally upright in his personal life.

He acts as a Liaison between the company and the public. 

Finding the right now profit executive, that can perform these tasks is not an easy task. You have to get one that has the ability to perform these duties, promote your cause and be honest. You may use a Non profit executive search company to find the right fit.

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If you work for a nonprofit that is currently looking for a nonprofit executive, you may be expecting to have a huge amount of expense when it comes to advertising for suitable candidates.

That, however, does not have to be the case. Not if you do a nonprofit executive search using a nonprofit job board instead.

How to use a nonprofit job board -- These boards are actually nothing more complicated than websites that are set up to list available jobs in nonprofits all over the country. Some even include international jobs as well.

In order to list your available jobs, the only thing you have to do is register an account and choose a mode of payment for your job ads. Once that is done, you can upload a job description for any job vacancies you have, along with contact information for anyone who wishes to apply.

The cost of using a nonprofit job board -- In many cases, you can complete your nonprofit executive search using a job board for less than $100 per job.

If you have several job vacancies you need to list, you can do so even cheaper as many of the job boards offer packages of job listings that make each job ad cheaper to list.

Quickly filling job vacancies -- Once you have listed your current job availabilities, you will usually find you start to get responses asking for interviews with you almost immediately.

It is then up to you to read their resumes and decide which of the applicants you wish to interview. Contact each one and make an appointment for an interview.

In many cases, from listing your available jobs on a nonprofit job board to finding applicants, interviewing them and offering them jobs could take less than a week. That means your nonprofit executive search could not have been easier.

Whether you are looking for a new job as a nonprofit Executive Director, Special Events Director, Program Manager or Volunteer Supervisor, getting online for your nonprofit executive search will net you the best results.

When you do, there are two specific things you should immediately look for that will help you get a nonprofit executive job much faster.

Sign up with a nonprofit job board -- There are a number of non profit job boards online that can help you find jobs at a much faster rate than if you do the job search yourself.

These job boards have listing for nonprofit executive jobs both all over America and internationally as well.

All you have to do to find your dream job through them is to register with several online boards, upload your resume and a photograph and then contact the employers that have nonprofit executive positions to fill.

In most cases, you should be able to get several interviews through these job boards in just a couple of days.

Sign up with online recruiters -- Along with job boards, there are also online recruiters that specialize in finding jobs for people in the non-profit world.

These recruiters will often have listings of nonprofit executive jobs that nobody else does. They can also get you interviews faster than if you contact the nonprofits yourself.

When signing up with recruiters, make sure you sign up with more than one as each recruiter will usually have different nonprofit jobs on their books. Jobs that may be perfectly suited to your skills and experience.

Check nonprofit job boards and recruiters every day -- Once you have registered with both job boards and recruiters, however, do not just wait for them to contact you.

Instead, check the boards every day for new job listings and contact recruiters to find out if they have any new jobs on their books that may suit your expertise.

If you work in the nonprofit field and have reached the executive level, there are always opportunities to advance even further to Executive Director, Special Events Director or Fundraising Executive positions.

Finding these high-level jobs, however can take a little time. Especially if you not only want to move to a different nonprofit but also want to move to a new city.

This is where using a nonprofit executive search site comes in.

What is a nonprofit executive search site? -- These are sites that go one step further than the typical nonprofit executive search job board.

These sites are more private and are places where all you do is register your work profile then wait for the site to find you jobs you may be interested in applying for.

How does a nonprofit executive search site work? -- Depending whether you are the person looking for a job or the nonprofit wanting to hire someone, it works in a different way.

If you are looking for a job, you register with the site and create a profile telling them about your background, experience and qualifications and the type of job you want. You then wait for the site to match available nonprofit executive jobs with your profile and contact you with the list. The entire process is free to you.

If you are an employer, you pay a fee and then list your job. You can be as specific with your requirements as you want to be.

The site then matches your available job with the profiles of nonprofit executives that have created a profile and emails you with their information. You can then contact the ones you would like to interview.

The whole process is private, for both the employer and the employer, so a nonprofit executive search site is wonderful if you do not want others to know you are looking for a job or listing a job.


If you run a nonprofit organization, or are at least in charge of hiring for one, you will know how difficult it can be to find a well-qualified, highly experienced employee for many of the vacancies you have to fill.

If you are currently looking for an executive for your nonprofit, before you start scrambling to find anyone that fits the criteria, why not head to a nonprofit executive search site instead. Such a site can not only help you find a well-qualified new executive, but can often do it for very little money.

What can a nonprofit executive search site do for you? -- There are several online sites that specialize in nonprofit executive searches.

What that means is they help you find the right executive for vacancies that you currently have.

This is done one of two ways. Either by you uploading an ad for your vacant position, and then interviewing executives that find it on the site, or by the site themselves sending you resumes of executives who are qualified.

What to look for when checking out nonprofit executive search sites -- Before you sign up to use one of these sites, there are certain things you should look for.

First, how much does a site typically charge for you to list a job ad? Anything under $150 per ad is reasonable. Anything above that is too expensive unless, of course, they can guarantee tens of thousands of people are going to see it.

Secondly, does the site work with you to tailor their services to exactly what you need when it comes to doing an executive search?

If they do, this is likely to be a site run by people who understand how the nonprofit world works, and may be a very good resource for you.